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Understanding the Preference of Google over Microsoft Among the Younger Generation

There is no denying that Google and Microsoft are two of the most popular and well-known tech giants in today’s world. Both companies have been around for quite some time now and have been consistently delivering innovative products and services that have made our lives easier in one way or another.

However, it seems like the younger generation prefers Google over Microsoft for collaboration.

When it comes to productivity and collaboration tools, a new study found that recent college graduates vastly prefer Google Cloud products to Microsoft products. When asked on a broader level to choose between Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365, 75% of these college grads went with Google. ITPro Today - Google Apps vs. Microsoft Apps: Which Do Young People Like More?

And Microsoft is preferred to more individual work, and Google to more collaborative work.

Millennials prefer Microsoft Word for individual work, Google Docs for collaborative work. And For both individual and collaborative work, Microsoft Word has been older generations’ default word processor for decades. But not for millennials. Microsoft failed to address their collaboration needs, so millennials don’t use Word to collaborate. Matt Richman, Vox

However, there are a few reasons why Digital Vibes believes the younger generation may prefer Google over Microsoft:

1. Google’s products are more user-friendly and easier to use than Microsoft’s products. Why? Because Google’s products are designed with the user in mind. They are simple and straightforward to use, whereas Microsoft’s products can be a bit more complex.

2. Google offers a wide range of products and services that cater to the needs of different users, whereas Microsoft focuses mainly on productivity and business-related tools.

3. Google’s products are often more affordable than Microsoft’s products.

4. Google is seen as a more innovative and forward-thinking company than Microsoft.

5. The younger generation is more likely to be familiar with Google’s products thanks to the widespread use of Android smartphones and the popularity of YouTube.

6. Google’s products are more widely available than Microsoft’s products, as they can be used on a variety of devices and platforms.

7. Google has a strong presence in the education market, which is why many young people are familiar with Google’s products and services. What this means is that these young people are more likely to use Google’s products when they enter the workforce.

Google, Microsoft and Apple are battling for dominance in classrooms. They all want their devices in the hands of the next generation of consumers. But, Google is winning in education, with Apple and Microsoft battling for market share. Katie Tarasov, CNBC

8. Many young people use Google’s products at home, so they are already familiar with how they work and are comfortable using them. Whereas, if they were to use Microsoft’s products, they would need to learn how to use them, which can be time-consuming.

9. The user interface of Google’s products is often seen as being more modern and sleek than Microsoft’s products.

10. Many young people use Chromebooks, which are laptops that run on Google’s Chrome operating system. So, it’s only natural that these young people would prefer to use Google’s products and services over Microsoft’s.

11. The younger generation simply prefers the way Google does things. For example, they like the fact that Google is more open and transparent than Microsoft.

11. The branding and marketing of Google’s products is often seen as being more appealing to the younger generation than Microsoft’s products.

12. Young people often see Google as being a cooler and more fun company than Microsoft. This is likely due to the fact that Google’s products are more widely used by celebrities and other public figures.

So when they (the younger generation in this case) stepped into the professional world, it was but natural for them to expect Google Apps as organizational platform for communication and collaboration


Just from the survey results, it’s clear that the younger generation prefers Google over Microsoft for a number of reasons. Google’s products are generally seen as being more user-friendly, affordable, innovative, and widely available than Microsoft’s products.

Millennials' habits are distinct from those of previous generations. Microsoft's inability to adapt to a cultural shift teaches us a valuable lesson. You need to know what motivates and drives Millennials to create and market products that resonate with them. says Matt Richman, Vox.

Do you agree with this list? Do you think there are any other reasons why the younger generation prefers Google over Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below!


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