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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics For Your Website

Google Analytics is a free tool that every business should use to track their website's traffic to understand and improve their online presence. It provides the necessary data and metrics, and it is incredibly easy to set up and maintain.

This blog post will list 7 of the most compelling reasons why you should be using Google Analytics for your website.

1. It provides an overview of the traffic to your website

Google Analytics connects all of your site's data (visitors, pages viewed, etc. ) and generates comprehensive data that shows you exactly who your visitors are and how they are interacting with your website. In other words, Google Analytics is a great tool that shows you where your traffic is coming from.

2. It provides real-time web analytics

Google Analytics allows you to see the traffic statistics for all of your website's pages in real-time. You can track your traffic indicators, such as the number of visitors arriving at your website, for a specific time frame (a single day or an entire month, for example).

You'll also be able to see how traffic changes throughout the day from hour to hour and minute to minute. The ability to track data in real-time is a powerful asset that allows you to evaluate different measures and make strategic decisions in real-time.

3. It provides you with insights into your website traffic

Google Analytics generates rich data that gives you an in-depth understanding of what attracts your visitors, how often they return to your website, and how they interact with it.

This information helps make business decisions and for understanding any trends in the data. It will also allow you to identify any issues on the site that is causing a drop in traffic or keep visitors from engaging with your content. If a website has a content problem, it should be easy to identify the area of the site that needs work.

4. It enables you to segment your data

Google Analytics allows you to easily and quickly view how visitors arrive at your website and what pages they go to. You can also track which of your ads are bringing in the most traffic, which could be useful when you want visitors to see relevant ads on your website.

You can choose to view your data in a variety of different ways and examine it in different ways depending on what you're looking for. You can view your traffic information in terms of the number of unique visitors (or unique sessions), how long visitors stay on your site, or any other demographic that you'd like to analyze.

5. It shows the importance of mobile traffic

Today, more than 90% of Internet users access the Web from their mobile devices. This means that more and more of your customers are accessing your website through their mobile devices.

Google Analytics gives you the ability to view data on your mobile traffic in a way that wasn't possible before. You can view how many unique users you have coming from mobile devices, how long they stay on your site, and other useful metrics.

6. It allows you to be proactive

Google Analytics allows you to make sense of the data in your weblogs and track trends in your traffic information. This means that you can take action on what's going on within your data and make adjustments to keep your business online strong.

For example, if autoplaying videos are bringing a large number of visitors to your website but they aren't staying on the site for very long, it might be a good idea to adjust the way they're displayed.

7. It provides international traffic data

Google Analytics allows you to track the traffic coming to your website from around the world. This is incredibly useful if you have an eCommerce site and you want to see how your business performs in different parts of the world.


Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that allows you to take a deep dive into your website's traffic information, which can be useful for analyzing your profits or marketing initiatives.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you all of the data that you need to be more successful with your website, and it's incredibly easy to set up. Check out this Google Analytics Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Google Analytics.

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