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Using Google Surveys To Collect Data Quickly & Cost-Effectively

One of the best ways to get insights about your audience is through collecting data with surveys. Google Surveys provides a variety of useful features, making it easy and inexpensive to create surveys that go to the right people.

What are Google Surveys?

Google Surveys is a market research platform that surveys internet users. With Google Surveys (which is available in Canada and the USA), you can start asking the right questions to help you make better decisions for your company or organization. It gives you a quick, cost-effective way to get valuable insights into the minds of your target audience and gather the insights you need to make smarter, faster decisions.

6 benefits of Google Surveys?

1. Get custom surveys without the complexity:

Design your survey and tell Google about your audience. You'll get results in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional research.

2. Get real answers from real people:

Real people answer your questions as they browse the internet.

3. Get real insights, fast:

Watch the results roll in and get completed surveys in as little as three days!

4. Turn insights into action:

Google's instant, easy-to-digest graphs and charts help you make sense of the survey data so you can make better business decisions right away.

5. Set up a survey in minutes:

Get started with a simple online form and create your survey, specifying the question wording, answers and format. You can launch your survey immediately after creating it, so you can get fast results and improve your business decisions.

6. Get immediate insights into customer expectations:

Google Surveys provide rich profiling data on respondents to allow you to understand who is responding to your survey and why they are responding the way they are.

How does it work?

You can get your results in three easy steps:

Choose your audience, type your questions, and watch the results roll in within hours.

Reach the target audience you want:

Design your survey: Ask up to ten questions at a time and select from a variety of question formats, like multiple-choice and star-rating.

Decide who you want to respond: Run your survey on Google's network of publishers or mobile app. Then, filter participants based on demographics or set up a series of screening questions.

Reach highly specific audiences with Surveys 360: Measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns with specific user lists or Postal Codes to reach high-priority or test markets.

Get real insights from real people.

Feel confident with a representative sample: Get a representative sample without having to ask demographic questions yourself.

See initial results within hours: Get analyzed data that is delivered in easy-to-navigate graphs, demographic segmentations, and cross-tabs so you can easily draw insights that can help your business or organization thrive.

Easily share results.

Share results with your team or customers via email, links, or export them as spreadsheets.

Google Surveys Pricing

There are two pricing options: Surveys and Surveys 360. You decide which Google Surveys solution is right for you. Then pay as you go or talk to a sales representative to get started.


Using Google Surveys to collect data and to see what people think is a really effective way to gather information about the opinions and thoughts of the general public and to target specific demographics. Google Surveys is a really effective research tool that is affordable, easy to use and reliable. A lot of businesses use Google Surveys to gain information on the needs and wants of their customers.

You can read the White Paper to see how Google Surveys works here.

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