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7 Google Services to Generate Fast Business & Marketing Ideas

Running a small business is tough - but not impossible. The key to generating business ideas fast and keeping up with the competition is research. And Google is the best place to start. Let’s take a look at seven ways to generate business ideas fast using Google and how you can use them in your marketing.

1. Google Trends:

You can use Google Trends to find out what keywords are popular and trending across a given market. This can help you discover topics that people are currently interested in and run a campaign for those topics.

The graphs are also useful for identifying patterns and seasonal trends, which could help create a marketing schedule.

2. Google Alerts:

Google Alerts can help you research your competitors and identify holes in your competitor’s marketing strategy. You can set your Google Alerts to be notified of any new mentions of your brand, keyword or even competitor’s names. This will help you identify changes in your marketing strategy and move faster than the competition.

3. Google News:

Google News is a good resource for tracking what’s currently in the news. You can narrow your search to the specific geographic region that you’re interested in and see what stories are trending.

You can use Google News to track what people are currently interested in and this could fuel your business ideas.

4. Google Patents:

You can use Google Patents to search for new ideas for products and services that might be missing from the market. This can be helpful if you’re struggling with your marketing campaign and need a new angle.

You can also use Google Patents to find out what products, services and ideas were patented but never released. This could be very useful if you’re looking for a new direction.

5. Google Scholar:

You can use Google Scholar to find keywords that are commonly used in news articles, patents, and research papers. This is a great way to look for new and unique ideas while also staying up to date on current industry trends and strategies.

6. Google Maps:

Google Maps can help you identify trends and patterns in your local market. If you’re struggling with your marketing campaign and looking for ideas, you can use Google Maps to see what topics are trending in your area.

7. Google Datasets Search:

Using a simple keyword search, users can discover data sets hosted in thousands of repositories across the web. You can use Google Datasets Search to find out what other companies are currently researching in your niche and discover new ideas. You can also search for potential business partners and look at their current projects.


It’s important to remember that these ideas are only a starting point. When brainstorming and generating business ideas, it’s important to test your assumptions and ensure that they’re valid.

These tips can help you identify new marketing campaigns and use them to fuel your business ideas. But remember, it’s not just about coming up with creative ideas – you also want to make sure that they’re technically feasible.

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