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Understanding the Economic Stagnation of Thunder Bay Using Network Science

We hear it in the news and on the streets of Thunder Bay as to how Thunder Bay's economy is stagnant. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the need to diversify Thunder Bay's economy for economic prosperity to happen and for poverty rates to go down.

This whole topic of diversifying the economy is at the forefront of what we, as a city, need to focus on to ensure economic prosperity.

Below, Digital Vibes uses network science to visualize "Why Thunder Bay's Economy is Stagnanting" along with other visualizations using InfraNodus.

InfraNodus is a network thinking tool that reveals the relations and patterns in data using text network visualization and discourse analysis. It generates insights and new ideas using text network analysis. It helps data scientists, operations specialists, and business people visualize ideas in the analysis of language - ie. Discourse Analysis.

InfraNodus Visualization is a web-based platform that you can try here. It is easy to use and the cloud version is only 9 Euros per month. For researchers, the paper for how InfraNodus operates entitled “InfraNodus: Generating Insight Using Text Network Analysis” can be found here.

InfraNodus transforms the text into a node map that you can click on to access text associated with that territory or zoom in to see more detail. You can then analyze patterns of connections between territories by colour grouping them based on the connections they share; each node shines brighter if it shares more connections with other nodes. The slicing and dicing of data, data comparisons and visualizations are endless.

The InfraNodus team consists of technologists and experts in network analysis, cognitive science, visualization and artificial intelligence.

Why is Thunder Bay's Economy Stagnanting Visualized

Below is a text network visualization for the following question: "Why is Thunder Bay's Economy Stagnanting". Using Google, anyone can explore the context around any Google search phrase. You can manipulate the network data and nodes below to gain insights.

Below is a video demonstrating the basic workflow using

text network analysis tool. Also, you can check out their support page here with tons of resources as to how to use InfraNodus -

See below “NOFHC” Google search visualized:

If you would like specific visualizations or any questions regarding InfraNodus, please let us know.

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