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Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn Meetups in Thunder Bay

If you've been to a few LinkedIn meetups, you know that they can be powerful for networking and meeting old and new friends alike. "Its purpose is to take the community we have online and bring it offline" - LinkedIn Local Toronto. We already have this with Facebook where people who are connected on the social platform know each other offline - share pictures, stories, videos, and more and discuss these activities in social environments.

If you're still on the fence regarding attending a Linkedin meetup, here are some reasons why coming out to one of these gatherings can be just the thing for you:

1. It doesn't matter what industry or what professional level — LinkedIn's events are for anyone in business or looking to get in your groove.

2. You'll not only meet people who will help propel your career forward but also supports and mentors who will help advise and guide you along the way! It's fantastic when we have access to this kind of support without ever having met before!

3. It's a great opportunity to learn from other people who are just starting (like myself) or as well as seasoned professionals. This is when you need to take the advice you're given and see it through!

4. You'll meet great, like-minded entrepreneurs who want to support you with what you're doing and may even help give you some advice that can greatly enhance your career.  

5. There's a lot of opportunity for networking and building lasting relationships with some of the company's top talent. You'll meet key people in your field who will share stories, mentor your career, and maybe even introduce you to their boss or lead!

6. You're in a safe place where it's okay to fail or ask for help! You'll meet people who are willing to invest the time in helping you and will encourage you to achieve your goals.

7. The best part is there's no pressure to do anything other than learn, network, and contribute to the discussion!

8. There's the opportunity to connect with people not at the event and build your virtual network - connections of other connections.

9. It's a great way for Thunder Bay to build its ability to attract people who live aboard to come back to the city. With the remote work movement, these meetups are a great way to grow Thunder Bay's aging workforce population as well.

10. If you're a company, it's an easy way to build credibility and credibility. When you're trying to attract new employees or a new client, this is a great way to showcase your company and the people who work there.

11. It's also a great way for companies to find new talent for positions that need to be filled

12. This is a great way to build Thunder Bay's reputation as an entrepreneurial city! People are going to want to come to check it out after hearing that so many successful people have started their careers here.

13. This is a great opportunity for networking and meeting people who can eventually be your clients, customers, employees, partners, or investors. Meeting these people early on in the game can give you a great head start over people who don't take advantage of these opportunities!

14. If you run into someone you know at an event and they're not an existing contact, it's just as easy to continue to connect with them via LinkedIn and get to know them better.

15. There's even the opportunity to network with people who can influence your career in a direction that you hadn't thought possible.

16. You could meet someone who will eventually support or mentor your career or give you advice that can greatly enhance your skills.

17. This is the perfect opportunity for people in your network to cross-sell their services and products.

18. You'll never know who you're going to meet! People from all walks of life can be future co-founders, teammates, or maybe even that magical person who gives you a life-changing opportunity!

19. It's a great way to get your foot in the door when it comes to getting jobs or internships. You never know when someone you meet at a LinkedIn event is going to connect you with someone who will end up helping you get a new job!

20. It's an easy way of getting introduced to key players in your industry who may help give you more exposure or support if you're ever looking for that!

21. It's a great way to build your confidence and learn how to network!

22. You'll be amazed at what connections you'll make at these events!

23. You can find out how people are using their marketing skills so well by attending different meetups and events. Learn from them and be inspired by their success.

24. It's a great way to show people how much you care about your career and your future.

25.  It's a great way to learn how to better market yourself and put yourself out there in the world.

26. It's a great way to network with people in your industry who are wanting to do the same thing that you are.

27. It's a great way to network with people who have connections that can help you advance your career without ever having met them before!

28. You'll meet great people that you wouldn't normally meet in person or even through social media!


The meetup could be a place to expand the network, learn, and network.  People from different industries or ages can meet one another. This is a great opportunity to understand and know people from other industries working in Thunder Bay. This will be good for Thunder Bay's economy because this will bring diversity and new ideas to the community. The benefits of the meetups are great, the idea of giving people a place to have some fun and be in the same room. Networking is very important in building new relationships where you can learn more about different types of industries, industries that are similar to your industry. You will know who is doing well and who is not doing so well with their career. Some people take this advice seriously and make a change.


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