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POEM: Thunder Bay in Peril: The Impact of Technology's Progress

In the city of Thunder Bay, there is a crisis at play.

Addiction and homelessness are here to stay.

The economy is suffering, and recession is near,

As technology’s progress becomes more and more clear.

Addictions are on the rise, as is homelessness and poverty,

All from technology’s power that we cannot flee.

It’s taken away jobs, money and lives,

Leaving Thunder Bay broken in sudden strife.

Though technology can be a positive force,

In this case it has taken an ever worsening course.

We must find ways to help our people and local economy,

Or else our city will forever be in misery.

Let’s focus on addiction and homelessness as a start,

To make sure Thunder Bay will thrive, not fall apart.

We must take action and prevent the destruction,

And put an end to this technological disruption.

It is time for Thunder Bay to take a stand,

To protect its citizens and the land.

We have the power to make a change,

And ensure technology’s progress is not in vain.

The future of Thunder Bay is in our hands,

Let us take a stand and preserve our lands.

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