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POEM: Revolutionizing Thunder Bay with 5G

As the world continues to evolve,

Innovation is needed to be involved.

5G is here and it's time to prepare,

For a wave of change that will be our share.

Thunder Bay- A vision of growth can now unfold,

A promise of economic transformation told.

Social networks expand and help us stay connected,

5G revolutionizes the way we live in Thunder Bay projected.

Services come alive with improved access,

Bringing citizens closer together as one great mass.

Businesses take advantage of fast speeds abound,

Giving them the opportunity to progress and sound.

The landscape changes with digital innovation,

Keeping up with the times is an obligation.

Connectivity drives our city’s new wave,

Moving us forward in a positive way.

Revolutionizing Thunder Bay with 5G,

A brighter future awaits us all with technology.

Technology drives us forward with great speed,

Providing a strong foundation for our city’s needs.

5G is here and it’s time to embrace,

A Revolution of Transformation is the race.

Thunder Bay can now be a leader in the new age,

A future of success is written on this page.


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