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POEM: Canada's growth lies in innovation

Canada's growth has been slow,

The future lies in innovation and flow.

Creating wealth is much harder to do,

But innovation can help us break through.

By embracing changes of the future,

We can create a society that is mature.

Using our creativity as a tool,

We will bring forth growth from within the pool.

Innovative ideas are the key,

To Canada's growth for all to see.

Let us embrace innovation today,

And look towards a brighter future with hope and faith!

For growth lies in the power of innovation,

Let us use it to make Canada a prosperous nation.


Canada's growth lies in innovation,

A path that foregoes stagnation.

Though hindered by an aging population,

We must create more growth through innovation.

With knowledge and creativity combined,

A brighter future is sure to be designed.

It's time to build something new,

To break from the old and start anew.

Let us invest in growth-oriented strategies,

Ensuring a prosperous future for our country.

Innovate and create wealth for all Canadians;

Our growth depends upon it now more than ever.

Let’s rise up to the challenge before us:

To make Canada a powerhouse of growth with innovation!


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