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Embracing a People-Centric Approach to Technology: Enhancing Human Potential in the Age of AI

Unlocking the Full Potential of Technology: Prioritizing a People-Centric Approach to Design and Development for Enhancing Human Capabilities and Driving Innovation

With the rate at which technology is advancing, it's only natural to worry about what might happen to our jobs and our ability to make a living in the future. As someone who works in the field of artificial intelligence, however, I think that developments like ChatGPT can actually improve our effectiveness and open up novel avenues for creativity.

That doesn't mean there won't be bumps in the road, though. Designing and implementing new technologies in a way that takes into account human needs and preferences requires careful consideration. To achieve this goal, we must give attention to issues of privacy, security, and ethics in addition to making the product easy to use.

Consequently, how can we make technology more user-friendly? Users, designers, developers, and policymakers are just some of the many groups that should be included in the first step of the process. Technology should be developed with people in mind so that it can help us reach our full potential and enrich our lives.

We have more powerful tools and technologies than ever. The big question is how we will use them. And that depends on our values. - Erik Brynjolfsson

Ultimately, technology is just a tool, and we get to choose how we put it to work. I think we can maximise the benefits of technology for society as a whole while minimising the risks to people's livelihoods if we take a people-first approach and create technologies based on sound human values.


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