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Unleashing the Potential of Northern Ontario: A Comparative Study of AI-NORTH & Similar Initiatives

Unleashing the Potential of Northern Ontario: An In-depth Comparative Study of AI-NORTH and Similar Initiatives for Enhanced Application of Artificial Intelligence in Northern Ontario


AI-NORTH, an initiative under, is a pioneering project aimed at understanding and enhancing the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in Northern Ontario. This research report provides an in-depth comparative analysis of AI-NORTH and similar initiatives, identifying potential synergies and collaborative opportunities.

AI-NORTH: An Overview

AI-NORTH is a project that focuses on understanding artificial intelligence in the context of Northern Ontario. Through appreciative inquiry, deliberative dialogue, and two-eyed seeing, AI-NORTH seeks to understand socially accountable AI, identify strengths and gaps in AI research in Northern Ontario, and help build capacity for AI research in Northern Ontario.

Comparative Analysis of Similar Initiatives

Several initiatives across the globe share a common goal with AI-NORTH - to leverage technology for societal betterment. This report considers five such initiatives: Connected North, Open North, T-MOSAIC, At Home in the North, and Northern Policy Institute. Each initiative, while sharing a common goal with AI-NORTH, has its unique approach and focus areas, providing a rich tapestry of potential collaborative opportunities.

Connected North

Connected North focuses on enhancing broadband access to unserved/underserved areas in Northern Ontario. They collect coverage and speed information to map all of the Broadband (Internet) service availability in Northern Ontario. This information is then developed into a public portal to present a clear picture of service availability directly to consumers at the property/address level.

Open North

Open North is a non-profit organization that works with public, private, and research partners as well as community stakeholders to promote the effective, responsible, and collaborative use of data and technology to solve complex problems.


T-MOSAIC is a circumpolar terrestrial research project under the auspices of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC). The aim is to connect northern terrestrial observations across a broad range of disciplines, including by way of new protocols and syntheses.

At Home in the North

This initiative focuses on creating, sharing, and mobilizing knowledge on homelessness and housing insecurity in the Canadian North.

Northern Policy Institute

The Northern Policy Institute provides accessible data to increase the capacity of communities in Northern Ontario to make evidence-based decisions on investments, programs, regulations, and other policy decisions affecting Ontario’s North.

Potential Collaborative Opportunities

The comparative analysis reveals several potential collaborative opportunities. AI-NORTH could leverage Connected North's digital infrastructure to deliver AI-powered educational and healthcare solutions to remote communities. Similarly, a partnership with Open North could enhance AI-NORTH's data management capabilities, enabling it to develop more effective AI models. Collaborations with T-MOSAIC, At Home in the North, and Northern Policy Institute could also provide valuable insights and resources for AI-NORTH's research and initiatives.


By collaborating with similar initiatives, AI-NORTH can enhance its impact and reach in Northern Ontario. Such collaborations can lead to the development of more comprehensive and effective solutions for the challenges faced by Northern communities.


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