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POEM: The Rise of Automation – A Human Augmentation Poem

We have seen the rise of automation,

Growing ever faster with each iteration.

Machines capable of great power and speed,

Removing human labour with lightning speed.

Technology grows at an ever escalating rate,

Robots are quickly taking over manual labour's fate.

Unemploying many in its wake, it's hard to keep up with this pace.

But a new way forward is yet to be embraced - Human augmentation.

Rather than becoming obsolete, we can use tech as a tool,

To augment our capabilities and make us more cool!

We can partner with technology and come out on top,

Creating ever more powerful solutions for the problems we got.

So when you think of automation, know that it's here to stay,

It can help us humans reach our full potential every day!

We can achieve so much more with the power of automation,

Harnessing its power to augment human innovation.

Together we rise towards a brighter future in sight,

Where human augmentation leads to amazing feats of flight.

Let us use technology as an ally and not a foe,

To create something greater than any machine could possibly know.

So let's harness the power of automation for human augmentation,

Making dreams come true with the perfect combination.

We can use technology to reach heights never seen before,

Unlocking potential everyone thought was impossible to explore!

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