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Utilizing AI Without Knowing How It Works

AI is a tool. Just like a carpenter's tool, we don't need to know how it works but just focus on the outcome of what it can do.

In the old world, we had to understand how things work which means that we would have had to study the technical details of it. But things are different now. Why? Because, AI is not just a tool, but an ENORMOUS tool that we can use for thousands of different applications at the same time.

As human beings, we have the natural tendency to HAVE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE'RE DOING because it gives us the feeling of control and at least some sense of security.

Focus on the outcome with AI

But when we talk about AI, it is something that's far beyond our knowledge even though we can still use it.

That is why with AI, we can just focus on the outcome that we want. AI has certainly made our lives easier but people just don't know what it can produce. We need to stop thinking about how something is done and focus on what it does for our benefit as quickly as possible.

In other words, with AI and NLP, we don't need to know why anymore because the program will figure it out for you. It is called the "Black Art" which means 'the art of making something without the use of known elements.'

The Outcome for Entrepreneurs

Focus on the outcome rather than how AI works will bolster the confidence of entrepreneurs operating in the technology sector and any sector for that matter. There are times when entrepreneurs are bogged down with confusion as to how AI algorithms work. Often, this confusion stems from the fact that there are a plethora of elements like neural networks and machine learning in AI. Rather than focusing on how AI works and what it will potentially do, we should, again, focus on the outcome, i.e., how AI can expedite processes to transform business processes.


I agree that right now people should not be taught the "how" and the "why" in a very technical manner of AI. This is because we do not need to know all the technical details. The only thing we need to know is what it is capable of and how it can transform our business and every aspect of our lives positively. I believe this is the only way in which AI will be adopted by a majority of people in time.

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