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Newfoundland and Labrador Google Search Buying Patterns


I have never been to Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), but I find that they have many similarities to Northwestern Ontario in terms of geography, beauty, people, and culture. So much in fact, that the similarity in Google search buying patterns between both regions is much more than I expected. The Google search buying patterns between both regions is one of the most important variables to be examined. What I find interesting is that for both regions there seems to be a lot of similarities in what people buy online.

Google Trends is used as a tool to measure online buying. Ford searches and Ford sales, for instance, are highly correlated.

NL loves to shop online

Who doesn't right? Atlantic Canada and, especially NL, shop online on many online stores such as Amazon, Wayfair, Shein, Autoshack, Rockauto, Flare, eBay, and more. While NL enjoys their online shopping based on Google Trends data, whether it's for electronics, clothing, furniture, or many more categories. To get a better idea of NL's online shopping habits, Digital Vibes used the Google Trends tool to try and visualize them. To do so we compared searches made in the province against other Canadian provinces.

Below are interactive maps depicting what NL looks like through Google's search trend data (note that these maps change in real-time):

Atlantic Canada and Thunder Bay have many similarities and online shopping is one of them. Why? This is a question Digital Vibes is investigating.

However, both cities and regions have a high percentage of their searches done on Google, but for NL, DV believes it is more so than Northwestern Ontario. DV believes both regions have a high preference for electronics, cosmetics, fashion auto parts, furniture, and home furnishing. NL is more secluded and geographically dispersed than Thunder Bay. Therefore, it's natural for them to be more inclined to purchase online through search engines and then over time transiting to apps.


The search data for Newfoundland and Labrador shows that a large percentage of their searches are on Google. The top search results show high interest in electronics, fashion, and foodservice. The popularity of these three categories for Newfoundland and Labrador shows that they are a technology-savvy province interested in purchasing online and shopping online. They love fashion and electronics, especially since they may not be available offline or locally. The search results corroborate the fact that NL is a technologically advanced region of Canada and one of the largest online shopping regions in Canada.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I'd love to visit NL someday!


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